SEAK is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that brings awareness to the increasing epidemic of women who determine their self-worth based on their appearance. We address these issues by promoting fitness as a platform for women to build the confidence they need to feel empowered and comfortable in their own skin - exactly as they are.

What we do and how we are taking action

SEAK builds supportive communities for women to address, bring awareness to and embrace who they are by building confidence through fitness. We provide women with tools and resources necessary to achieve and sustain a positive body image.

SEAK hosts annual activations year round such as The Sports Bra Challenge in order to bring awareness to, and challenging the societal pressures women face which lead to negative self-perception.

The Sports Bra Challenge movement is celebrated annually every spring in Union Square Park, the heart of New York City. The Sports Bra Challenge is a day for all women to participate in a series of group fitness classes in their sports bras as a way of supporting and empowering one another to feel comfortable in our bodies. Body image issues, lack of confidence and feelings of self-hate are all topics that most people encounter but are never addressed. The Sports Bra Challenge is about bringing people together to accept and share their insecurities and overcome their fear of them. The Sports Bra Challenge will be launching in cities nationwide.

SEAK partners with private and public school districts on the local and national level through SEAK Builds Confidence Project. A program in which SEAK partners with a school in need to renovate their gym, providing the school and students with a brand new fitness facility, athletic equipment, gym apparel and footwear so that they are able to establish and build a fitness program for their students. SEAK provides these schools with custom fitness programs created by premier fitness professionals and tailored for each school to ensure students receive the most out of their fitness experience.

In 2014, SEAK will launch our first SEAK Builds Confidence Retreat (SBCR), a week-long health and wellness program for young women between the ages 16-22 who have dealt with, or are currently dealing with, body image issues, eating disorders, insecurities, and lack of self-worth. SBCR is a place where women can escape their everyday lives to be surrounded by a supportive community and a safe and comfortable environment, while building confidence and self-esteem through fitness, health and wellness. We promote fitness as a platform for women to build the confidence they need to feel empowered and comfortable in their own skin. We encourage women to focus on how exercise and a healthy lifestyle makes them feel rather than focusing on their appearance. We believe that the first step to gaining confidence is feeling strong and comfortable in your own skin.

Why we do it

Lack of confidence and self-worth are everyday issues that women face but struggle to express. There are many sources that perpetuate this, such as society’s unrealistic perception of beauty and the value the media places on a woman’s appearance. As a result, low-self esteem and self-respect are developing into issues much more harmful to a woman’s everyday health, including, obesity, eating disorders, body dysmorphic disorder and mental illness.

Even when looking at less self-destructive and harmful cases, lack of confidence can affect the simple choices women make on a daily basis. A person’s confidence level determines and affects each decision they make in their everyday life, whether that be within the workplace, in school, with relationships, or personal goals. In order for women to pursue their goals and ambitions and to become the best versions of themselves they must embody confidence.

We are finding too many reasons as to why women feel insecure but are not finding enough reasons as to why women should feel confident with who they are. Women need support, a safe community and the appropriate tools & resources to change how they value themselves, how they feel in their our own skin, and to therefore, regain control and confidence in their lives.


Stay Informed


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